How To Avoid Going Into Basic Bitch Mode This Christmas…

By now you are likely into full on Christmas-mode with your Etsy shop. It’s here my friends. It’s HERE!!

To keep you from losing your mind, plotting to murder your customers, or literally KEELING OVER from stress, I decided to forego my chat with my business friends and help you out. Keep reading.

This stuff can keep you out of bitch mode and make you actually fun to be around this holiday season. ⇣

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:20] The common problems with Etsy shops at Christmas time - decision fatigue
  • [2:32] From  Etsy’s 2019 Trend Guide is where I’m getting all this info
  • [3:20] The biggie trends according to Etsy - and what you can do with them
  • [6:27] Many of these trends can be capitalized on year-round (like eco-friendly)
  • [9:27] Specific items we know sell this time of year, and perhaps year-round
  • [13:56] How to do Christmas ornaments the RIGHT way

Don’t be THAT Etsy shop owner

One of the things I absolutely HATE to see in an Etsy shop at Christmas time is a seller who simply threw any old Christmas thing - including ornaments - into their shop in an effort to capitalize on the demand the holiday generates.

PEOPLE! You’ve got to be SMART about this. You’ve got to keep your shop consistent and appealing in every way, including the Christmas products you sell.

So… this episode covers the basic things you can do to add Christmas flair to your shop without selling your soul to the Ghost of Christmas Present. (See what I did there?)

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