Don’t Be An Etsy Financial Disaster Like I Was…

I started my Etsy business, in part, because I was a financial disaster.

I didn’t know how to adult when it came to ANYTHING money…

I was in a dead end job that SUUUCKED. But I couldn’t quit because I desperately needed the *meager* income that crappy job gave me each month. Can you relate?

Etsy finances
⇡ The pain is REAL… ⇡

This series is about that kind of $$$ pain - because I want YOU out of it.

You deserve a better life, and the good news is this… you CAN have it.

Because (HINT): your dead end job DOES NOT have as much control over you *THINK* it does!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:47] How I got on the Etsy path - and MY financial dumpster fire
  • [4:12] 80 hours a week is how I started out - and it was NOT good
  • [6:09] Making money on Etsy comes from developing a skill over time
  • [8:11] My experience with a financial advisor - and the advice she gave me
  • [11:36] How I found the best investment I could *possibly* make
  • [14:07] What to expect in this series: mistakes, lessons learned, ideas to try out

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