Last week we got into the 7 Reasons why I decided to leave Etsy...

So today, I want to talk about five *OUTRIGHT STUPID* reasons to leave Etsy (or any other platform)...

Because YOU NEED TO PUSH YOURSELF to succeed.

And just giving up on Etsy (before it even gets started) is what literally 90% of people do...

Gross, don't be like the sheep. You're better than that.

How will you EVER learn to succeed if you don't PUSH yourself to experience the discomfort of something NEW?? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different is FULLY NUTS... and you know it.

So let's see the difference between when you SHOULD leave Etsy – versus when you NEED TO SAY PUT. ⬇️

Why Use Etsy in the First Place?

So I tried to start my business four, yes, count them four times…

Before I finally succeeded...and the thing that caused me to succeed was Etsy.

But bottom line, there's a lot of reasons why people decide to leave Etsy.

And today, I want to break down the five that are really stupid.  These reasons should NEVER stop you from selling anywhere. They’re excuses that hold you back.

Stupid Reason to Leave Etsy #1: But I Don't Own My Business...Etsy Does!!

The first reason most people leave is “I don't own my business! I don’t wanna give Etsy all that power over me!”

When you sell on the Etsy platform, technically, Etsy controls your business. If you violate their terms of service, they can shut you down.

There was a blog article that went viral several years ago about how somebody got their shop shut down for no reason.

And of course, because this happened to ONE. SINGLE. HUMAN... everyone freaked out and thought it was going to happen to them.

Reality check: we only hear the worst stories.

99% of people never have this problem.

But let's break this down a little further, because this “ETSY SHUT DOWN MY SHOP” moment is true on ANY platform ⬇️

😱 Shopify can shut you down if you violate their terms of service.
😱 Google can shut you down if you violate their terms of service.
😱 You can lose your domain name just for being the wrong “type” of website (aka one your domain provider just decides is not cool with them)

Bottom line, as a business owner, just like if you run a physical store: somebody can kick you out if you don't pay rent or you do something “wrong”. And they get to decide what “wrong” means.

You have no control here. You never will.

The fact is we live in a world where we own pretty much nothing (and it sucks)... But because it’s true everywhere, all the time, in pretty much every case... This is a stupid thing to worry about.

The fix for this problem is to just get an email list for your business (or an SMS list).

Having a list of customers and their permission (AKA: they checked a box saying that you could contact them) is all you REALLY need to own your own business.

Stupid Reason to Leave Etsy #2: But it's SO HARD to Get Sales on Etsy!

It's hard to get sales on Etsy. Shocker.

It's hard to get sales anywhere. If it were easy to get sales online, everyone would be rich, and we'd all be talking about where we're vacationing on our yachts next week.

You're going to have to work hard to get sales.

There's no sitting around on Netflix and just waiting for money to come in.

A lot of people are like, "Oh, I'm just going to pull a ton of all nighters and make this work now... and then I'm just going to walk away!"

I've talked to thousands of coaching clients who've tried exactly that. Never seen it work, not once.

But when people actually take the time to sit down, figure things out, and go slow... that's when the magic starts to happen.

Sales are hard, no matter where you try to get them.

On Etsy, on Facebook, on eBay, on Google, in your own shop on the high street... Regardless, you're going to have a hard time with sales, until you put in the work.

There's no shortcut here, so just live with it because we all have to.

Either chose to work hard and get sales... Or, if you’re not up for the challenge: realize that selling online probably isn’t for you.

Stupid Reason to Leave Etsy #3: I Have to Play by Etsy’s Rules and They Change Them ALL THE TIME

Number three: I have to play by Etsy's rules.

As someone who hates playing by any rules besides my own, I feel you on this one.

Like we said, terms of service are terms of service, and there's really not much that you can do here.

But when they change the rules and you have to ADJUST all the time...Well, that’s even MORE annoying.

Unfortunately, ANY online platform WILL change. People will complain about it. You might HATE change down to your very core.

But things online evolve, and this happens MUCH faster than it does in the corporate world.

In a “normcore” kinda job, you can expect change, but not every 6 months like you see with most online platforms.

These platforms have to adjust FAST to keep up with demands and stay in business. “Move fast and break things” as they say in silicon valley…

And yeah, we all know they actually break things all the time.

Things like OUR SANITY.

But this is the sacrifice you make to work online. You’re gonna have to get used to the change. You’re gonna need to get comfortable adjusting things.

And the bottom line is... If you want to work online, you have to play by Google's rules regardless of what you do, because Google pretty much rules all.

You have to play social media's rules if you want to get found and make sales.

You pretty much have to play by somebody else's rules everywhere unless you're a billionaire and you literally own all these companies.

So it's not even a complaint worth having, because that's just life. Things change. It’s not always fun, but it’s something you gotta deal with if you wanna leave that shitty day job in the dust.

Stupid Reason to Leave Etsy #4: Etsy CLEARLY Favors the Big Sellers and Doesn't Help Out the Little Guy!

Number four, Etsy favors the big sellers and doesn't help out the little guy.

This one boggles my mind. I used to get this a lot as an Etsy seller where people would say, "Well, you're already an established seller, you don't have to play by the same rules I do. I'm brand new."

Nope, nope, nope. Not a thing.

It’s absurd if you think Etsy is any easier for established sellers.

Honestly, this complaint is just sellers refusing to take responsibility for the fact that they need to work harder to get results.

Yep, getting results means working your butt off. It's going to suck.

Doesn't matter what you do or where you do it, you're going to have to make an effort.

All those sellers that you're claiming are getting unfair treatment because they're big??

Don't think for a second that they didn't start from scratch JUST LIKE YOU.

Don’t think for a second they were “lucky”, because every single one will tell you (in excruciating detail) that they worked their butts off and made HUGE sacrifices to get where they are.

They're probably still working their butts off now because I got news for you… When things actually start working, that's when the true craziness begins.

So if you're thinking that Etsy just doesn't like you, the reality is you're missing some piece of the puzzle.

You need to go figure out what piece it is instead of complaining about it.

And if you don't want it to work, or if you don't care to fix the missing piece... Then why waste your time on Etsy anyway?

Stupid Reason to Leave Etsy #5: But I'm Not a Good Photographer...I Can't Do SEO...And I Have to Learn All These New Things. It's JUST TOO MUCH.

Okay, the fifth and final complaint.

The one I hear the most: I don't know how to do SEO, I don't know how to do photographs. I don't know how to do any of this stuff, so Etsy is just too hard.

Guess what? Anything you try online is going to require you to learn something new.

Some of it you're really going to like, and some of it you're going to hate.

Some of it is going to make you want to claw your own eyes out, but this is true of an in-person job too.

If you've ever worked a "real job", you know that sitting in an office is no picnic.

So if you can't figure something out and it's the reason you're leaving Etsy, be aware that you're going to run into that same problem with any other business that you create.

So you might as well see it through and figure it out NOW!

What to Do if These ⬆️ are the Reasons You Want to Leave Etsy...

Those are my five reasons that nobody should ever leave Etsy (because they're basically just complaints for no reason).

If you can't push past these five things and give it a shot anyway...Working for yourself probably isn’t your cup of tea.

That’s because you’ll face these identical 5 challenges in ANY online business. So if you wanna work for yourself, it’s time to swallow your pride and figure that shit OUT.

So What's a Good Reason to Leave Etsy?

So let's talk about why I decided to leave Etsy.

Hint: it was for none of the reasons ⬆️ above.

If you're wondering if you should leave Etsy and you're confused, give this article a quick glance. It’ll help you solve the problem once and for all.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for when to leave Etsy vs when to stay put:

If you haven't actually sold anything on Etsy and you want to leave, then you're leaving too soon.

Because learning how to SELL is knowledge you're going to need for ANY online or offline endeavor.

So you might as well stick around (with one of the easiest and cheapest platforms: aka Etsy), and figure out how to do it there.

Etsy has over 30 million built-in buyers that are searching the platform all the time. And when you're listed there, you could get in front of any of those people at any point.

But no amount of SEO or book learning is going to teach you how to do that for your own website.

Short of being the head of Google, there's no way you're going to be able to send 30 million people to your own website in a year.

So if you're just starting out and you haven't made any sales, Etsy makes a lot of sense.

You just have to be stubborn.

Don't go into this thinking, "I'm going to try this for a few months and if it doesn't work, I'm going to move on," because that's a failure mindset and it's pointless.

Instead, go into this like, "Okay, I'm going to try this UNTIL I make 200 sales and just figure out how to do that before I get ahead of myself."

And once you've done that, you'll have a much better understanding of where you could go next, what you're good at, and where you might need work.

But...If you've already made a lot of sales (aka over 1,000 sales on Etsy), then you ALREADY know what you’ll need to succeed pretty much anywhere.

And you might have also realized that selling products online is really difficult. More difficult than a lot of other things, actually.

If you think about it, listing something on Etsy, doing the SEO, doing the photos, creating a description, creating 10+ new products per month is a lot of work.

It's actually right up there with the amount of work that you have to do to blog every single week or make videos on YouTube, or do a podcast.

Being that I do all of those and I sold on Etsy, I can safely say that for me, Etsy was more work.

So it's actually a great place to start because you're learning the hardest stuff first.