Have you been asking yourself (and perhaps the almighty Google) “should I open a 2nd Etsy shop?”

In this article, I break down 3 reasons you Definitely (with a capital D) should open a second Etsy shop…

And 2 reasons you should AVOID opening a second Etsy shop at all costs.

Seriously, for some people, opening a second Etsy shop is like the pile of dishes in your sink… You should keep putting that shit off as long as possible! (#nojudgement #DishesSuck)

Read on to find out where you stand AND what your next move should be to boost that Etsy MOOLA.

First things first:
3 reasons you SHOULD open a 2nd Etsy shop.

↑↑ When you’re trying to decide which mega-successful Etsy shop you should be running. ↑↑

Reason #1 You SHOULD Open a 2nd Etsy Shop:

Your shop is super eclectic, and you sell in multiple categories (think clothes and jewelry).

If your items are all over the place then you probably need to have a second shop like yesterday.

(Yes, even if your items are immaculately curated.)

If people wanted to see all the things in one place, they would haul their ass to Target.

Etsy buyers want to feel like they’re purchasing items from a boutique that specializes in ONE thing and ONE thing only!

Variety might be the spice of life, but it’s the death rattle of Etsy shops.

Eclectic shops usually don’t make sales or survive very long.

If your shop is selling shoes and you also have a section of lamps and stickers, well, that’s HELLA confusing to pretty much anyone on the planet.

Expert Tip: If YOU are overwhelmed or confused by your shop, then customers DEFINITELY are, and you need to FIX that shit!

Take those shoes, and put them in their own shop. Add those stickers to their OWN shop.

And those lamps?? Well if you only have 5 or 6 of them, they probably don’t belong on Etsy. Put that shit on Ebay.

Stop trying to sell EVERYTHING under the sun on Etsy. I have a video about how you can divide ONE mediocre Etsy shop into two that SELL right here.

So separate out your items by category, then start that second shop! You got this.

Oh, and if we ARE talking about items like mugs and art prints that can play nice together, don’t be afraid to keep that in one shop.

These two categories work well together because they are both small home decor items.

Keep those boundaries and you’ll be all good (and profitable) in no time.

Reason #2 You SHOULD Open a 2nd Etsy Shop:

Your current shop is doing well, but it’s hit a major plateau.

If your Etsy shop is making a consistent profit but scaling it has been a bitch, then a second shop could help you flip the switch.

(Ooh, that rhymed!)

You’ve tried new items, new marketing, and a dozen other you-name-its… But nothing is working?

Then it’s probably time to try a new shop.

The trick to making your second shop successful is by creating COMPLIMENTARY items.

(Being strategic about what items your customers will buy doesn’t hurt either. See how to pick items that will definitely sell HERE).

Let’s say your shop successfully sells wedding decor…

You might have a hard time getting repeat customers because unless things go terribly wrong, and end in divorce court, that bride won’t be having a second wedding.


The chances that she’ll be having a baby shower in the near future are SOLID.

This isn’t the time to reinvent the wheel, Elon.

You just need to use your current expertise about your customers’ lifestyle to get started.

Weddings usually equal babies. So if you want to capitalize on that, take your wedding decor and open a 2nd shop that sells BABY shower decor.

Reason #3 You SHOULD Open a 2nd Etsy Shop:

If you’re in this category, then you’re in the sweet spot!

In your case, making money off a second Etsy shop should be super easy!

In fact, chances are pretty good your audience is already ASKING you for something MORE.

(How many times have you seen someone comment “I would sooo wear this on a shirt”?)

This category is typically dominated by graphic designers and digital artists who are making bank by selling their designs on every item under the sun. Clothing, home decor, wedding items, paper products, etc…

And putting those prints onto tee-shirts, totes, or drinkware could take you to the next level.

But be careful here…

You want to stick to ONE category and explore it fully (aka don’t just create ONE BIG eclectic shop with ALL those items!)

If you think your art would be uh-mazing on drinkware, then try selling mugs, tumblers, water bottles, wine glasses, etc.

( ⇡ Note that this shop has a CLEAR THEME: Drinkware. You can take all your designs and put them on items that GO together instead of plastering them all over EVERYTHING. Stick to ONE theme in ONE shop!)

If you think your art would be super wearable, then try selling tee-shirts, v-necks, long sleeves, crewnecks, hoodies, etc.

Start with what items you think would be most popular and watch the profits from your second shop roll in.

Didn’t see yourself in any of those 3 types of shop owners?

Then chances are a second shop is NOT right for you.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

(Seriously, you probably won’t be making any profit off of a second shop — let alone $200.)

But keep reading, because I’m going to tell you exactly how to get back on track.

Here it goes…

2 reasons you should NOT open a 2nd Etsy shop (and what you should do instead)

Second Etsy shop joke
⇡ When you’re trying to figure out which problem child blew up your bank account. ⇡

#1 You have a MILLION creative ideas and think of a new shop every week.

Sound familiar?

This is a sign from the universe that you need to SLOW YOUR ROLL!

This is how people end up with 5 shops and 0 sales.

(Not to mention the failure complex that goes with this kind of track record.)

The best thing you can do is take your time to research, research, research. Start that process right here.

Find a shop idea in a category that’s proven to be profitable NOW.

Then, create a detailed plan to make THAT shop.

Once your well-researched, best-selling items are in a shop on Etsy, you need to FOCUS.

Do not try to do a million other things.

Save that experimentation for your PERSONAL time instead of your BUSINESS time!

Armed with the right research, you’ll be creating a SUCCESSFUL shop — not just “another” shop.

#2 Your current shop isn’t selling and you want a fresh start.

I know it’s so tempting to tell yourself “it’ll be different this time”…

But it won’t.

(A lesson you SHOULD have learned from getting back together with your crappy college boyfriend ☝️)

Figure out how to make your first shop sell!!

Until you get this right, NO AMOUNT of Etsy shops will be successful for you.

You MUST learn the nuances of what it takes to be successful on Etsy before you ever even consider opening a second shop. Click here to start that process if you’re stuck.

Spoiler Alert: if you want your second shop to be successful, you should wait until you have at least 300 sales in your first shop.

300 sales = you know enough to open a 2nd shop!

Need help boosting your current Etsy shop sales?

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