Have your Etsy items gone stale?

Maybe they never really took off to begin with...

Maybe you’re starting to doubt your products now that weeks went by without a purchase.

HEY! Stop spiraling down the pit of despair! ⬇️

NEWS FLASH! If you’re struggling to sell then it’s time to try something different.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, you need some goddamn videos.

Sometimes even the most professional photos ARE NOT enough to entice buyers.

People are far more likely to purchase a product if they actually, I don’t know...SEE IT IN ACTION.

People are trained to scroll forever these days.

Endless hours are spent letting items fly by without a second thought. Your job is to snap them out of the death scroll. Make them pause for a split second and boom, you got ‘em.

PROOF that video actually makes a difference on Etsy ⬇️

Videos are more effective on Etsy for the simple fact that they move.

Visual stimulation jolts the brain out of the dead zone and gets people more ENGAGED with your items.

While that may sound all kinds of ridiculous, behold, I have proof:

Here’s a case study showing a brand new listing that went from 0 to 19 sales once a video was added.

Literally NOTHING ELSE changed. Just adding video made this seller 19 sales!

In this graph ⬆️ you're looking at one Etsy shop.

Without any videos, her shop made ZERO sales in 30 days.

During the next 30 day period, this seller added VIDEOS to three of her listings.

And even though NOTHING ELSE changed, she made 19 sales in 30 days!

Okay, now let's talk about TRAFFIC and Videos...

Peep this item that went from 8 product visits to 498 (!!!) ⬆️

Hint - notice it also made 13 sales because of those extra views!


Don’t settle for barely scraping by when you don’t have to.  Etsy KNOWS whether your products have video or not.

And they KNOW that customers are more likely to buy an item that has a video. So it makes sense that Etsy sends listings WITH VIDEO more traffic!

⚠️ That means you're literally CHOOSING to get LESS TRAFFIC ON PURPOSE when you don't add a video to your listing. ⚠️

But I hate making videos. How can I make it easy?

Well Buttercup, I ALSO despise making videos.

It’s tedious, time-consuming, and often doesn’t come out the way I want it to.

Even according to Etsy, you need to get expensive equipment and set up the perfect video set...


So really, you have 2 options:

Learn to film professional videos of your products and waste a bunch of time
- OR -
Don’t do that and listen to me instead. I got you, boo! ⬇️

Can I make Etsy videos without FILMING my products?

Guess whaaaat....There are tools out there that create Etsy videos FOR you.

I know! Mind. Blown. You don’t have to lift a finger and suddenly your products will be flying off the shelves.

It’s like a magical fairy godmother but with tech...

Do you have photos of your products? Great.

That’s literally all you need with Minta.

Now you might be thinking, “OK, this is probably expensive” but, surprise! Minta is actually free!

Tool That Does it For You: MINTA

What it does

Minta takes your established Etsy products and turns them into auto-created videos for your shop.

Photos, music, and more will be perfectly added to reel in your customers and get you more sales! You can even have Minta auto-post your videos to social media on a regular schedule. 🤯 🤯 🤯

Why it’s cool

Minta stands out because it’s so freaking easy to use. You literally just sign up and then you have videos FOREVER. You can use and re-use your content as long as you like without limits. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

Example Video

Here's an example video from minta ⬇️

Pros / Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Content forever (your videos are YOURS)
  • Affordable
  • High-quality videos
  • Fast (Videos are done in 2 minutes or less)
  • Proven to boost sales (Proof: they did the case studies for you!)
  • Over 30 music tracks to choose from
  • Good selection of fonts, so you can match videos to your branding


  • Automation requires a payment plan
  • Some videos appear generic

Price (Free-$29/month)

Minta for Etsy is FREE until August 1st 2021. If you're reading this AFTER August 1st, Minta has a 7-day free trial available. You will not be asked for a credit card so you know that this trial is ACTUALLY free.

In my opinion, this tool is worth a try. Can't lose on a free trial!

Free Trial:

  • 5 video shares or downloads per month
  • Automated video catalog
  • All customization features

Unlimited Plan:

  • $29 per month or $14.50 a month billed yearly ($174)
  • Unlimited videos
  • Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook auto-posting
  • Automated video catalog
  • All customizations
  • Link account to one online store

Minta's Plans for UPCOMING FEATURES:

✔ Customized fonts (all google fonts will be available)
✔ New video dimensions (5:4, more social friendly)
✔ "Biolink" feature for instagram - this link will open a shoppable page with all your minta videos in one place!
✔ Videos in black and white without branding, then you can overlay whatever branding or colors you want!
✔ Woo commerce platform – expect Minta to integrate with woo commerce soon!

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What kind of videos make customers BUY?

Here's the magic formula for videos that just transform into cash right before your eyes...👀

If you wanna make 'em buy, you gotta give 'em what they want ⬇️

✅ Video Idea #1: Feature Your Reviews!!

Show off your 5-star reviews. This is one of the EASIEST types of videos – make sure you feature reviews that SAY SOMETHING REAL about your product. Don't feature low quality reviews.

Feature high quality reviews that talk about your fast shipping, high quality product, and how much the buyer enjoys what you made.

Here's an example of a LOW quality review ⬇️

You want to feature HIGH quality reviews, like this one ⬇️

(Hint: more text usually = HIGH quality!)

Here's an example of Minta turning a 5-star review into a video ⬇️

✅ Video Idea #2: Answer Common Questions

Address common questions about the product. This can usually be done by showing a product's size, color, features, or how to personalize it.

✅ Video Idea #3: Show Products in Use

Yup. That's often all it takes. Pick up your item. Pretend you just bought it. Use it exactly how you want a customer to use it! That's all it takes.

✅ Video Idea #4: Highlight Creative Detail

If your embroidery is what makes your product special, show it. If you personalize mugs, highlight that. Your products are special because you MADE them that way, so show it off.

*Affiliate Disclosure + Deets

Yup, this article has affiliate links in it. If you click those links, I get a small commission, but it doesn't cost you anything extra. Affiliate links help me keep my content FREE for you to read. (It costs $700 a month just for this blog to exist!)

Before you go screaming, "everyone on the internet is just here to SELL me something! Screw you people, I can't trust anyone!"

Let me just tell you the REAL TEA...🫖

You may have noticed from my rant about how much I HATE Shopify (here), that I don't just affiliate with anyone who's willing to pay me.

In fact, Shopify offered me MORE $$ than any other affiliate ever has. And I still wrote this article about exactly how much I don't like Shopify, complete with NO affiliate links.

So when I decided to learn more about the products on this page (like Minta and Biteable), it was because we were seeing MAJOR traffic and sales increases from videos, and these platforms cater to Etsy sellers like us.

I HATE that YouTube (and Insta...and Facebook...) have become a money grab for anyone with an affiliate link, and I bet you do too.

So I figured, hey...I'm gonna just treat you the way I want to be treated.

And when I use a tool I really like, that has serious life-changing abilities...Well, I'm gonna share that tool. Whether they affiliate with me or not.

On THAT note, I make an effort to share ALL the tools I like, even if they WON'T affiliate with me (Corjl, I'm looking at you – I'm also sending you some pretty obvious HINTS, Loom).

These articles showcase a tool that will help you out in a BIG way, but for whatever reason, they don't do affiliate relationships.

But it's a tool that could CHANGE the results you get online, so I share it anyway.

If you're curious about which tools I LOVE (and hate)...You can see them all rounded up right here:

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