It’s tea time, Birches.

Maybe you’ve heard of Sale Samurai* or maybe you haven’t, but chances are now that I brought it up, you’ve got some questions...

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Don’t worry, I’m fully prepared to not just spill the tea, I’m going to pour it alllll out.

If you've come face to face with any of these common Etsy SEO horror stories, this tool can be a game changer for you.

What is Sale Samurai?

Sale Samurai is an Etsy SEO tool that has some *extra features* that save you buckets of time.

My MAIN SQUEEZE with this tool is the Chrome extension...Which shows you Etsy SEO data right FROM Etsy. ⬇️

⬆️ When you have ALL THE DATA exactly where you want it! ⬆️

I sat down with Neil, the founder of Sale Samurai.

And I picked his brain about whether we actually NEED another Etsy SEO tool -- and whether this one can do the stuff us Etsy sellers actually want.

⬆️ Because if you're doing Etsy SEO, you know you can always get better ⬆️

SO, here’s what I found out: Neil's company started out on Amazon.

They offered help to Amazon sellers in the form of a keyword tool and amazon Ad automation (that’s right, the big boi’s at AMAZON).

Translation: they’re pretty darn familiar with e-commerce.

In fact, Neil quit his cashier job at Target by selling on Amazon. He wanted OUT of that #hamsterwheellife and he used e-commerce to do it.

(This might sound pretty damn familiar to a lot of us!)

Because of the founder's background, Sale Samurai does some BOMB ass shit with SELLERS in mind.

In fact, Sale Samurai is the first Etsy SEO tool I have ever found that was BUILT by a seller...Instead of a developer. Neil has first-hand experience with selling online DAILY.

SOOO...As experts who have worked with large companies before, they know how to work the system and make your store more visible than ever.

Let's talk about the JUICY bits and see what it can do ⬇️

What Can it Do and Why Should I Give a Shit?

It does the standard SEO and keyword shizzle you know and love. But it's also a one-stop-shop for every possible marketing tool you’ll need.

Here’s a breakdown of their features:

EXTRA analytics

Because Etsy stats kinda suck, and google's are impossible to understand...So how 'bout we just make you a PRETTY dashboard with all that info in one place?? ⬇️

Long-Tail Keywords on STEROIDS

See what long-tail keywords shoppers are using most (instead of which ones SELLERS are using)

Exclusive best seller information

See MORE that just who's selling out. Really dig into their shop, their products, and what similar things YOU should be doing.


Wtf is that? It's an INTEGRATION that allows you to connect with ALL the Print on Demand suppliers so you can start offering SUPER popular products NOW.

No ordering inventory or testing products – just do the research on Sale Samurai, pick a printer, and get those items LIVE in your shop NOW!

So basically... ⬇️

Is There Anything Sale Samurai Can Do That No Other Tool Out There Can?

Yup. Here are the ones you should care about ⬇️

The feature I’m most excited about is the ability to learn from bestsellers...Other tools will SHOW you bestsellers, but they won’t tell you the nitty-gritty of shipping times, price points, and views per product.

They’re very nice to look at, but if they won’t tell you WHY the best-sellers are so pretty and popular, then the whole thing is useless.

Sales Samurai gives you A LOT of useful data to work with when it comes to creating your own version of a best seller.

The other thing I really like about Sales Samurai is the part where they AUTOMATE growing your shop.

They integrate with multiple print-on-demand suppliers to give you instant access to tons of new items that you can print your designs on, instantly. Like, boom, done, walk away. SO USEFUL!

Oh and...I can't tell you ENOUGH how often I use their Chrome Extension. This is what my screen looks like 24/7 ⬇️

How Much does it cost?

Sale Samurai is $9.99 a month or $99.99 yearly. You get all the same perks for both packages and a 3-day trial to make sure you like it.

If you're onboard, and you just want that DISCOUNT puh-lease, click HERE and use code "FUZZYANDBIRCH20" for 20% off

In comparison to:

⬆️ Pricing for Etsy SEO tools ⬆️

With all these different prices one might assume all the services are different...

But let’s dive in and investigate those features...Because SEO tools are a mysterious wonderland. 😉

Is it the Same Thing as Marmalead / Erank / Crest?

Are all these Etsy SEO tools just the same thing in different colored packages?

Kinda, yeah, but also NO.

I know, I know, that statement didn't help you make up your mind.

The fact is, there's NO right answer. All these tools have certain features that others don’t -- so picking the right one for you is all about what YOU need.

And no, you don’t need to use all of them.

How to Choose an Etsy SEO Tool...

Consider this: what is causing you the most pain right now?

Is it just getting traffic to your Etsy in general? Do you only have one measly sale? Do you feel unseen?

Well then, pick the cheapest tool (Erank has a free plan) and try out some tags based on what they recommend.

What if you are trying to give previously popular listings a new life?

If you’re on a slow decline, a tool like Marmalead is designed to help you find the problem, fix your listings with a specific tag and title advice, and help you reclaim your spot.

Bring in the big guns!

If you’re in deep with Print on Demand products, or your shop is stagnating without a lot of growth, then Sale Samurai is an excellent option for you.

It’s also ideal for large sellers - if your shop is doing well, and you have 500 sales or more, investing a tiny amount into a tool can easily double your monthly sales without a ton of work from you!

And That’s the Tea

Sale Samurai for Etsy is a KICK ASS option for anyone who wants Etsy traffic data right in their browser.

Or if you wanna streamline your print-on-demand production and maximize sales!

You can always do the 3-day free trial and to see if you’ve found a good fit. Ain’t no harm in free trials (right, youtube premium?)

Enjoy your tea friends!

*Affiliate Disclosure + Deets

Yup, this article has affiliate links in it. If you click those links, I get a small commission, but it doesn't cost you anything extra. Affiliate links help me keep this blog FREE for you to read. (It costs $700 a month just for this blog to exist).

Before you go screaming, "everyone on the internet is just here to SELL me something! Screw you people, I can't trust anyone!"

Let me just tell you the REAL TEA...🫖

You may have noticed from my rant about how much I HATE Shopify (here), that I don't just affiliate with anyone who's willing to pay me.

In fact, Shopify offered me MORE $$ than any other affiliate ever has. And I still wrote this article about exactly how much I don't like Shopify, complete with NO affiliate links.

So when I decided to learn more about Sale Samurai, it was because several top sellers in my Etsy program recommended it to me.

I HATE that YouTube (and Insta...and Facebook...) have become a money grab for anyone with an affiliate link, and I bet you do too.

So I figured, hey...I'm gonna just treat you the way I want to be treated.

And when I use a tool I really like, that has serious life-changing abilities...Well, I'm gonna share that tool. Whether they affiliate with me or not.

On THAT note, I make an effort to share ALL the tools I like, even if they WON'T affiliate with me (Corjl, I'm looking at you). These articles showcase a tool that will help you out in a BIG way, but for whatever reason, they don't do affiliate relationships.

But it's a tool that could CHANGE your life, so I share it anyway.

If you're curious about which tools I LOVE (and hate)...You can see them all rounded up right here:

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