This podcast episode details a review so bad it actually landed me in therapy. But I am SO GLAD it happened to me – because I learned more from that ONE bad experience than I did in YEARS of selling on Etsy.

ERMAGERD bad reviews SUUUCK so much…You’re literally floating along all like, “crafts are fun!” and then BAM!! 💥

A bad review comes along and RUINS your life.

Alright…it probably doesn’t ruin your whole life, but it definitely ruins your day.

In today’s podcast, I wanted to share the WORST review I ever got…and how it actually drove me to THERAPY. (Yes, really).

You’ll learn what bad reviews *really* mean, and how you can address them so they don’t send you running for the therapist’s office too!

⇣ When you’re done listening, here’s a goodie bag!

Here are my favorite tips and tricks for dealing with difficult customers and BAD reviews ⇣ ⇣