When it comes to Etsy SEO tools, there are a crazy amount to choose from...

And each one CLAIMS it can offer you the most features at the best price.

(If you know what you want and you're just here for the DISCOUNTS, click this link)

It's a minefield of choice... and as you've probably figured out, you can waste precious hours (coughcoughDAYS) falling down this internet rabbit hole ⬇️

⬆️ Want an infinite project? Go down the Etsy SEO rabbit hole... ⬆️

But NOT when you have this Birch on your side!‌‌

I’ve spent ALL the time exploring different kinds of Etsy SEO programs FOR YOU.

And today, instead of wasting your time with ALLL OF THEM, I'm just gonna show you which ones are DOING IT RIGHT.

I know, I know...You may have come here because you want me to just pick one and tell you to USE IT.

I get it...Decisions suck. I don't like 'em either!

But you're a business owner now, and YOU know what you need. And not every Etsy seller needs the same thing.

So it's time to put on our big girl pants and I'll help you make the decision...But you gotta pull the trigger!

There are SO MANY Etsy SEO Tools - Which Ones Are Actually GOOD?

Out of all the SEO tools I've looked at, we’re gonna stick to 5 tools that OUR sellers have tested and get consistent results from.

These 5 tools have similar results, but the prices and features differ.

We’re going to break down each tool and talk about which one will be right for YOU ⇣⇣⇣

Marmalead, Sale Samurai, Crest, Merchant Words, & Erank.*

But wait ... What about that XYZ tool?

Gurl, if it’s not on this list, our community of over 1000 successful Etsy sellers is NOT using it!

Translation? Stick to what our badass community is already doing... and STOP trying to reinvent the wheel with some unknown tool.

Keep it simple and you’ll see faster progress!

Action Plan: Perfect Etsy Tags With a Tool

1. Marmalead: Old Faithful

Marmalead got me my first 500 sales on Etsy with just SEO alone. No other promo, marketing, or tricks here. Just simple WORDS ... and the right ones, at that.

Sellers love Marmalead because it works, and gives them a variety of tools to organize tags, find new ones, and figure out what else to sell!

Old faithful is the perfect term to describe Marmalead because she was the FIRST kid on the block.

And she’s stayed consistent throughout the years. The features Marmalead offered at the very beginning are still offered today (with extras).

It’s easy to navigate, the user interface just MAKES SENSE... And the features are designed to get you results faster.

Marmalead is like binge-watching the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt for the billionth time: It just gets better and better...


  • Trends, keywords suggestions, and similar searches data
  • Analytics for search volume, engagement, best keywords, seasonality, forecasting, comparison, and prices
  • Ability to stay up to date on best keywords, graded listings, SEO factors, sales factors, and visibility optimization
  • Connect multiple shops
  • Access to the entrepreneur course library
  • Tech support
  • Informative and supportive knowledge for sellers


  • Extensive library of information
  • Easy to understand data
  • Consistently updated
  • The ability to manage multiple shops
  • Courses included in the price
  • Detailed analytics
  • Positive reviews left and right


  • A bit pricier than other services at $19 a month
  • No scaling tool
  • It will take time to learn every feature to reap the full benefits

2. Sale Samurai: The New Kid on the Block

As of writing, this tool is literally a couple months old! It’s truly the baby of our list.

That being said, it comes from an experienced team.

Sale Samurai is from a group of people who automate Amazon ads for the big sellers -- that means they're super familiar with e-commerce.

These guys have worked with the big guns, so while Amazon's upside down might be different...It gave them insight on how to play the Etsy game.

Sale Samurai provides sellers with an affordable plan that comes with sales analytics, keywords, competition tools, and the ability to scale your print-on-demand products.

They work directly with print providers like Printify, Gooten, and Printful so your shop can grow fast and furious.

Any seller that uses print-on-demand services NEEDS to try Sale Samurai.

⬆️ When you nail it with Print on Demand ⬆️


  • Affordable at $9.99 a month
  • Identify keywords shoppers are using most
  • Analytics for the volume of keywords with the most sales, shipping days, prices, and long-tail keyword suggestions
  • Graded listings
  • Competition grades
  • Advanced filtering options for data
  • Learn from Best Sellers tool using competitor data to drive sales
  • Print-on-demand automation


  • Fair price
  • Keyword data
  • Long-tail keyword suggestions
  • Easy to understand grading
  • Competitor data
  • Print-on-demand services


  • New in the game, not as much feedback as other tools
  • No library of information
  • No courses
  • No live chat support system
  • Lack of community

3. Crest: The Tool Designed by the Fiancé of an Etsy Seller

Did you ever wish your software developer fiancé would create you the ultimate data-crunching program to help YOUR shop kill it on Etsy?

Well, that’s exactly what happened with Crest!

Creator Matt is engaged to an Etsy seller who grew to a top 1% seller using the platform he specifically created based on her Etsy growing pains!

Erm ... if that’s not true love, I don’t know what is?

Hey babe, let me fix all your problems and make you lots of money...

Crest is also cool because, aside from being a symbol of true love, it actually works!

What I like most is the single platform model that’s easy to understand with data using geolocation available.

No other tool offers location-specific data and it can really tell you a lot about your customers...

⬆️ Lol yes, but not your run-of-the-mill CREEPY customer data tho... ⬆️


  • Affordable price at $12.99 a month
  • Real-time SEO feedback
  • Photo editing and effects
  • Social media sharing
  • Goal tracking and forecast
  • Single platform data management
  • Connect up to 3 shops
  • Location-specific data
  • Free tutorials for each feature


  • Affordable
  • Unlimited data imports
  • Database backup
  • Live chat tech support
  • Easy to understand analytics
  • Data delivered in real-time
  • Social media advantages


  • Connection limited to 3 shops
  • No competitor information
  • No community
  • Makes you feel a little lonely if you’re single 😉 😘

4. Merchant Words: The Amazon + Google Ninja

Alright, you got me -- this tool is for Amazon sellers. They DO have an Etsy specific version called Maker Words that I like very much!

But if you’re selling on Amazon handmade, and you want your Etsy items to rank well in Google, Merchant Words is the way to go.

In our seller community, our sellers that make $5000 per month or more are actively using Merchant Words. Our members say:

This was the magic button that took my shop from GOOD weekly sales to GREAT!

I’m not gonna lie, Merchant words ensures you get SEEN on Google (and Amazon), arguably the two most important places on the Internet right now.

While it isn’t like the other tools featured, because it doesn’t connect with Etsy directly, there are still insane benefits to using this tool! (And if you really just need to focus on Etsy, try their Maker Words option).

These two tools are hella effective at identifying keywords, trends, and aiding in visibility.

Our sellers definitely found unique keywords and a faster route to ranking on Google and Amazon with this tool! ⬇️


  • Amazon data
  • Product targeting
  • Trends
  • Keyword seasonality
  • Performance metrics
  • ASIN plus
  • Keyword history


  • Incredible impact on sales
  • Incorporates google visibility
  • Shows history of keywords to better identify personal trends
  • Easy to analyze data
  • 2-month free trial with annual plan
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Pretty expensive at $29 for the lowest package and $149 for the highest
  • Most features are limited by how much you pay
  • No social media tools
  • No tutorials
  • No free information
  • Doesn’t connect directly to Etsy (but we knew that, so maybe this one doesn’t count.)

5. Erank: The Cheap and Cheerful Option

Now in all honesty, I don’t know a ton about Erank’s story!

I’ve reached out to them on multiple occasions, trying to get an interview (Erank, if you’re reading this, answer your emails!)

But for all the budget-conscious sellers out there, I had to put this one on the list for you.

Also, who doesn’t love free??

Yes, the interface is crowded and a bit hard to navigate. And yes, for a new seller, you might feel totally overwhelmed trying this for the first time.

There are A LOT of features available with Erank’s FREE plan. And they’re free forever, not just for 30 days. So if you just want to get the ball rolling, and you want to invest exactly $0, Erank is the way to go.

If you wanna know MORE info than you'll ever need, in a not-super-pretty format, BUT IT'S FREE SO WHO CARES...Then erank.

Features (for the free version)

  • Keyword explorer
  • Keyword tool
  • Listing audit
  • Listing analytics
  • Rank checker
  • Monitor tool


  • Free if you want it to be!
  • Simple tools to learn how they work
  • Consistent
  • Competitor sales data available with upgraded packages
  • Works directly with Etsy
  • Provides popular keyword data


  • To get the most out of this tool, the paid packages are better
  • Many sellers don't understand the data or how to use it
  • Trickier to navigate website
  • Limited lookups per day with the free package
  • Support through email only

Okay, so which one should I use???

Are all these Etsy SEO tools just the same thing in different colored packages?

Not exactly!

Each tool has unique features and even though some of them overlap, when it comes to deciding the best plan for you, it really depends on what your shop’s weak spots are.

Are you struggling with sales? Visibility? Having enough time to like eat and sleep and stuff?!?!?

If you’re struggling to get ANY SALES at all:

Go with the cheapest tool (Erank) and try some new tags. It can’t hurt and you might learn something new.

It might not be the end-all solution, but it’s a damn good place to start for free!

What do you do if you're wanting to revitalize those old listings?

If your listings are starting to get stale, Marmalead or Crest are definitely here to help. They will help you identify the issue, and suggest solutions that can boost your listing into its former glory!

Sale Samurai is perfect if you work with print-on-demand products or want to see Etsy traffic numbers LIVE, 24/7 with their Chrome Extension ⬇️

Even for those who are doing great with 500 sales or more, plugging your shop into a tool like Merchant Words could easily earn you those megabucks... without being a total time suck.

How Much do Etsy SEO tools Cost?

Here, I made a pretty picture so you can compare the goods ⬇️

⬆️ Cost Comparison chart for Etsy SEO tools ⬆️

Want some juicy DISCOUNTS so you don't have to pay full price?

Just keep scrollin'! ⬇️ ⬇️

DISCOUNTS and Free Trials Galore...

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Merchant Words

20% off the gold plan ($48 instead of $79/month)
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Nothing, they won't answer my emails. Boo!
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You Got the Power (Tools)

Whether you choose a free tool or the tool with all the bells and whistles, it doesn't matter unless it FILLS a GAP for you.

You are the only one who knows your specific pain points, so use that to decide which tool is right one for you.

You DO have the power to increase your sales... AND use your smarty pants brain to create new, exciting listings with ANY tool.

When you decide on the right tool for your super cool Etsy shop, TAKE YOUR TIME. Rushing into using a tool that you don’t understand is NOT helpful.

If they offer courses or tutorials, take them. If you can spend a few hours here and there exploring uninterrupted, do it. Learning your tool is uber important whether you have a free version or not.

I know it can be tough trying to do it all! There’s no shame in using services designed to fix problems, that’s what they’re there for!

Don’t wait anymore, dive in and turn your shop into a sales machine!

*Affiliate Disclosure + Deets

Yup, this article has affiliate links in it. If you click those links, I get a small commission, but it doesn't cost you anything extra. Affiliate links help me keep this blog FREE for you to read. (It costs $700 a month just for this blog to exist).

Before you go screaming, "everyone on the internet is just here to SELL me something! Screw you people, I can't trust anyone!"

Let me just tell you the REAL TEA...🫖

You may have noticed from my rant about how much I HATE Shopify (here), that I don't just affiliate with anyone who's willing to pay me.

In fact, Shopify offered me MORE $$ than any other affiliate ever has. And I still wrote this article about exactly how much I don't like Shopify, complete with NO affiliate links.

So when I decided to learn more about the Etsy SEO tools on this page, it was because hoards of top sellers in my Etsy program recommended them to me.

I HATE that YouTube (and Insta...and Facebook...) have become a money grab for anyone with an affiliate link, and I bet you do too.

So I figured, hey...I'm gonna just treat you the way I want to be treated.

And when I use a tool I really like, that has serious life-changing abilities...Well, I'm gonna share that tool. Whether they affiliate with me or not.

On THAT note, I make an effort to share ALL the tools I like, even if they WON'T affiliate with me (Corjl, I'm looking at you). These articles showcase a tool that will help you out in a BIG way, but for whatever reason, they don't do affiliate relationships.

But it's a tool that could CHANGE your life, so I share it anyway.

If you're curious about which tools I LOVE (and hate)...You can see them all rounded up right here:

Tools - Birch, Please!
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