*GASP* is this a real thing?? Do Etsy sellers actually work together to make more sales? It turns out, you CAN promote your Etsy shop for free AND make Etsy sales.

This podcast episode is all about making more Etsy sales for FREE.

Free Etsy marketing ideas always get me pumped af — and the idea I heard today has limitless possibilities!

⇡ Just like this meme, your potential for Etsy sales is endless… ⇡

Today our seller, Sharon, explains how she got together with a group of Etsy sellers to do a 25 Days Of Christmas giveaway.

If you're looking for a free Etsy marketing idea, this one will help you promote your Etsy shop with no SLEAZE – and the relief of not being the ONLY person involved. Other Etsy sellers will be there to help!

The thing I love most about this Etsy shop marketing tip is that it = OVERNIGHT audience growth.

In this episode, we’ll cover an all-in-one guide to repeating Sharon’s success:

✅ Learn how to reach out to other sellers,
✅ How to build a Facebook Group that rocks,
✅ and see how to generate Etsy sales in a NON-icky way!

Get listening for the best free Etsy marketing idea EVER ⇡

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:23] Sharon’s tip:  a cool way of marketing
  • [1:32] Who sells to the same audience you do? Think it through!
  • [3:35] The 25 Days of Christmas group giveaway Sharon was in - genius!
  • [7:39] The best way to do this: find people you trust
  • [9:08] Tips for setting up your Facebook group in a foolproof way

Resources & People Mentioned

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