We could get into ALL KINDS of complicated SEO but we're NOT, because you should be able to fix your traffic in 30 minutes or less. ⏰

So set ASIDE all the traffic questions you have, and STOP worrying about "what that one seller does"...

(It doesn't matter. Let it go.)

All that stuff is just HOLDING you BACK from the traffic you SHOULD be getting. And while you're busy worrying, other sellers are passing you by.

Let's give up the ghost, mmmkay???!?

⇡ LET GO of your traffic obsession and just make that shit simple and easy! ⇡

There are THREE GOLDEN RULES of Etsy Traffic (and that's all you need to care about) :

1. Don't expect to get traffic if you're not selling what people want.

Just because you make it, does not mean people will buy it. Selling something on Etsy does not mean people will instantly want it. Your products need to be TRENDY, new, and different!

If I can walk into Target and buy something just like it, why would I buy it on Etsy for MORE $$ and shipping time?!?

If you think you might have this problem, you can see how to solve it here.

2. If you name your item exactly what buyers are putting into the search box, you will see an increase in traffic. Period.

It IS that simple. BUT this can be a difficult process -- especially if you don't know what people are searching for. DON'T play "guessing games" and try to pick words you THINK buyers are using. Use a TOOL that shows you CLEAR DATA about EXACTLY what words to use as tags and titles. (We'll review tools below ⇣)

3. You MUST be willing to try anything ONCE.

If you're not willing to at least TRY something once, you won't learn anything. What you're doing now isn't working...Otherwise, you wouldn't be here. So it's time to try some new things, even if they're scary or "different".

So Let's Get Started with TOOLS That Do the Heavy Lifting For You! ⬇️

Action Plan: Perfect Etsy Tags With a Tool