Most Etsy sellers torture themselves with overwhelm to the point of not getting much done at all.

If you've freaked out about something REAL SMALL lately ("Oh. My. God. Why won't this cabinet close??!? I swear to god, the house is falling over...")

Then you know the kind of stress I'm talking about. ⬇️

⬆️ Even Dr. Evil gets overwhelmed sometimes ⬆️

I want to dive into this because it's something I'm hearing a lot from sellers.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, know that everyone gets into this boat at some point. It's literally impossible to just "skip" this step.

The good news is, there’s a way out!

Listen above ⬆️ to see what I'm talking about.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:17] Are you unknowingly overwhelmed?
  • [2:32] How I knew I was overwhelmed
  • [4:14] Get your pen and paper...let’s figure out what you WANT!
  • [6:19] Your homework! No excuses allowed!

Are you in love with your work... Or do you need to make a change?

I figured out I was overwhelmed when a group of business buddies asked what I would do if I won $10 million.

My answer was to immediately quit my job.

They were all like, uh, then you probably shouldn’t be doing what you're doing.


If someone handed you $10 million and the ability to free yourself from things you don’t want to do...

What would you give up FIRST??

Hint: That thing is probably your main source of overwhelm!

Let's put pen to paper!

Get a pen and paper. Yes, real ink and actual paper!

Don’t just do this in your head. If you write it down, you're going to see things you wouldn't normally see. You're going to process a lot better.

Write down what you want to do in a day on one page.

On the next page write down what you actually did in a day.

Now, look back at the "want to do in a day" page, and without looking at your other page, circle everything that you are currently doing.

Where's the friction happening in your schedule?

If you haven't circled much on your "want-to-do" list, then you're setting yourself up for overwhelm.

Whether you're feeling it yet or not...Now is the ONLY time to fix this problem (you won't do it later. When it comes to overwhelm, there's no such thing as "later").

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